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Fue Hair Transplantation

The FUE technique has revolutionized the field of hair transplantation, today becoming one of the most effective and non-invasive techniques in guaranteeing the permanent regrowth and thickening of hair. Both men and women with problems of baldness or suffering from alopecia (androgenetic and areata) or who wish to hide a scar from an operation or an injury, can undergo transplant. This kind of transplantation offers surprising, aesthetic results, with healthy hair that grows back and covers the areas that were previously without, in a perfectly natural and permanent way.

what is the fue technique?

Autologous hair transplantation using FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a microsurgical technique with which follicular units are transferred from the donor site of the scalp to the recipient site where regrowth of the hair is needed. Tranferring the follicles is a minimally invasive procedure, in line with the evolution of modern surgery, aimed at reducing surgical trauma and rendering post-operative recovery faster and less painful. The donor site is located at the back and the sides of the head where the hair is thicker and more resistant to balding. As opposed to other transplantation techniques, the FUE method doesn’t leave visible scars, due to the fact that the surgeon doesn’t use a scalpel, neither for the extraction of the follicular units nor for the reimplantation of the bulbs. This allows the skin to heal quickly and means that the patient can return to normal, everyday activities in just a few days, in some cases even the day following the operation.

How surgery is performed

The hair transplantation is carried out in three phases:


Planning the transplant

Planning is a phase of primary importance for the success of autologous hair transplantation. In this phase the type of baldness will be evaluated and the hairline marked out, taking into account several different factors (one’s appearance before hair loss, facial features, etc.) and the amount of follicular units to be transplanted, according to the density of new growth that the patient is hoping to obtain. After taking photographs of the pre-surgical state, for later comparison with the stages of hair growth, the area where the hair will be transplanted is defined with a dermographic pencil and new pictures are taken for photographic documentation. During the planning stage, the patient will receive all the information he needs so as to undergo surgery without any kind of anxiety.


The explant phase

When the planning phase is completed we move on to the second phase, the harvesting of the follicular units (micro-grafting). It is performed on the donor site of the scalp, under local anaesthesia to avoid any perception of pain. The single follicular units, which can be formed of 1 to 5 bulbs, are extracted from the donor site using a special instrument called a punch that has a diameter of less than a millimetre and can vary from 0.6 to 0.9 mm depending on the size of the follicular unit. This explant procedure is minimally invasive.


The implant phase

In this third phase anaesthesia is injected into the recipient site of the scalp, previously marked out, and the reimplantation of the single follicular units into tiny incisions in the skin, will be carried out. To guarantee the most natural effect in the final result and the maximum coverage of the area to fill, the surgeon performs each graft inserting the hair bulb according to the direction, the inclination and the density of hair typical to that area of the scalp.

After the operation the patient is provided with instructions to follow for the days following the transplant and new pictures are taken for photographic documentation.

4 months after the operation


What does autologous hair transplantation mean?

It means that the hair is harvested from the head of the patient himself, therefore any form of rejection, as such, is impossible.

What does fue mean?

Fue is an acronym for follicular unit extraction which means the extraction of single follicular units.

what is a follicular unit?

a follicular unit (f.u.) represents a single bundle of our hair. it usually consists of 1 to 5 hairs or bulbs.

Is this technique painful?

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia which allows the patient total absence from pain. he usually watches a film, checks his smartphone or falls asleep.

Is it possible to transplant hair from another person?

As yet this is not possible.

Aow long does the procedure last?

The duration of the transplantation procedure varies from sittings of a few hours to sessions lasting two consecutive days.

Will i be anaesthetised during the operation?

The patient can be sedated before undergoing the operation if he requests it but it isn’t necessary.

How much hair is it possible to transplant?

It ranges from just a few follicular units for the reconstruction of eyebrows, sideburns, or for scar revision, to thousands of units for major transplants.

Where is the hair taken from?

although all the follicular units on our body are potentially usable for transplant use, the area of choice is the back of the head. during the first examination the specialist will decide whether it is necessary to extract hair from other donor sites.

After surgery will the transplanted hair grow normally?

It will usually grow for a few days or weeks then fall out, before growing again 3 months later

Will scars remain after the surgery?

Scars will remain neither on the extraction site nor on the grafting area.

When is it possible to go back to normal life (household activities, work and sports activities)?

In some cases the following day, in others it’s necessary to wait a few days.

How long will the skin on my scalp remain red?

In the grafting area a lot depends on your skin type (colour of your skin), on what medication you are taking for any existing pathologies (anti-hypertensives, painkillers, etc.) and on the time of the year when surgery is carried out.

What do i have to do after the surgery?

You will be instructed by the surgeon on post-operative and home care to carry out and you will be informed regarding subsequent follow-up checks.

Can i do the transplantation if i have white hair?

Of course. having white hair is no reason to be excluded from the possibility of having a hair transplant.

Do i necessarily have to shave my head before the operation?

The medical assistant will usually decide how and if to shave your head on the day of the operation. in some cases the transplant can also be performed with long hair, without any need to shave it off.

Are there any specific treatments before or after the operation?

Every single case is evaluated in detail in the preceding examinations and a therapy is prescribed if necessary.

Can anyone undergo this surgery?

Everyone can potentially undergo this surgery.

Are follow-up checks necessary after surgery?

These are opportunities that the patient has to see how the hair is growing and consult with the specialist.

can i undergo surgery if i have allergies?

Before the operation it’s necessary to speak to the medical assistant for a proper assessment of your case. the transplantation will not be carried out if serious contraindications should arise.

Last minute fue autologous transplantation

The chance to speed up the process while saving money!

To undergo the FUE transplant it is necessary to make a reservation, along with the payment of a deposit, which will be a percentage of the total cost. Once you have confirmed, as we are unable to cancel the date and the organization required for the surgery (operating room, medical staff, etc.) if, for any reason, you are not able to be present or you should want to cancel the appoinment, the deposit is not refundable.

If this should happen, and only in this case, with the date and the organization still scheduled and available, a new patient can be accepted to fill the vacancy. In this case the new patient is not obliged to pay a deposit but can benefit from the payment already made, so obtaining a reduction of the total cost.

The availability of prospective Last Minute FUE operations will be published on the website and patients on the waiting list, or those who have expressed interest in doing the operation, will be duly informed.

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