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A trichological check-up will detect any possible issues that could be causing hair loss. Carried out at the onset of the problem, it is the first essential step towards a correct diagnosis and evaluation, if necessary, of the most effective solution to resolve the pathology.


Medical history

Before proceeding with an examination to judge the extent of thinning, of baldness or other problems, an anamnesis of the patient is carried out by means of an introductory interview and specific questions are asked in order to gather useful information and get a general idea of the patient’s situation, his diet, any possible, stressful circumstances, hereditary factors, the method and the products used when washing his hair, as well as any past attempts already carried out in the field of trichology, the results obtained and the patient’s expectations.

Physical examination of the scalp


After the initial screening an examination of the scalp and hair is carried out to assess the state of health and the presence of any possible diseases.


From all the information collected the need for more in-depth tests may arise, such as a trichoscopy, or a trichogram, using polarized light microscopy, blood tests or a biopsy, all valid aids as much in the diagnosis of diseases of the scalp as in the monitoring of the relative therapies.


Digital trichoscopy is a direct examination that provides information regarding the hair which is not visible to the eye, using an ordinary magnifying glass. This process is carried out using a dermatoscope, a special instrument which allows direct visualization, onto a screen, of the magnified image of the scalp, helping to identify any possible skin diseases that may be causing alopecia and thinning of the hair (alopecia areata, trichotillomania, tinea capitis, lichen, telogen effluvium, etc.)

It is a quick, non-invasive procedure which makes it possible to save the images for later comparison with those related to the results of possible treatments that have been carried out.


A trichogram, using polarized light microscopy, is the microscopic examination of a whole hair taken from the scalp which provides precise diagnostic information and reliable data regarding the quality of its structure. This test allows checking the viability of the hair, comparing that in the growth phase with that in the shedding phase and through the polarization of the images, provides information on the state of health of the bulb and the hair and allows the specialist to form a precise diagnosis.

Alopecia can be due to a variety of causes that can manifest themselves individually or be associated in different ways in the same subject. The caleidoscopic images offered by polarized light microscopy which highlight the changes in shape, structure and composition of the hair shaft and bulb, are a valuable aid in the early indentification of the causes which can lead to hair loss. This test, along with a detailed medical history will allow the specialist to formulate a specific cure to re-establish the health of the hair.

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